Sectional Door

Save Space

Sectional Garage Doors are produced with insulated panels. Thanks to the folding panels due to connection between them, the door is fully opened up and provides a maximum transition. It is a convenient solution for large cars to park easily.

High Security and Isolation

One of the most important advantages of the Insulated Sectional Garage Door is the strong structure created by the thick and densely-high panels. This structure increases safety. Produced with intense polyurethane, these panels provide high thermal insulation and sound insulation. Semforce door panels are 42 mm thick and homogeneously filled with rigid foam polyurethane. It is 100% CFC. (Non-harm to the ozone layer)

Why Sectional Door?

• It is easy to install.

• Heat and sound insulation is high.

• It works noiseless.

• It turns on and off by consuming little power.

• Opening the door does not cause space loss.

• It provides the opportunity to work according to thestructure of the building.

• The net opening of the door is fully used.

• Parts and accessories change easily.

• Window systems are opened to enlighten the workingenvironment,

• By putting a service door to panel door, staff’s enter-exitis provided.