Dormen Door Automation and Security Systems

With our staff of over 20 years of experience and self-improving staff, we bring your businesses and venues together with technology, making your life easier, speeding up your work and making your work spaces and living spaces safe.

Dormen Door Automation and Security Systems
Sliding Gate
Sliding Gate

It offers the opportunity to prevent time loss in front of the door in places such as sites or factory entrances.

Road Barrier
Road Barrier

Automatic barriers that offer the definitive solution to the trouble of not finding a park in front of your own home or workplace.

Sliding Doors
Sliding Doors

Our own photocell doors offer the opportunity to use in places with dense entrance and exit.

Turnstile Systems

In addition to providing access control, it is the system used in student dormitories and public institutions.

Sectional Doors

It is the security system at the doors of warehouses, factory goods delivery areas and cold storage depots.

Fingerprint System

It is the system used mainly in the entrance and exit of student dormitories and educational institutions.


Shutters and blinds can work with control and button as well as solutions for all kinds of automation including smart home systems.

Performance And Security
Are Important To Us

Our systems, where high performance, security and safety are at the top, turn each entrance area into focus of attention with its high quality product and advantageous price policy.

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Using Strong Materials
Reliability and Quality
Fault Detection and Solution
Whatever you want, we provide you with suitable solutions.
Whatever you want, we provide you with suitable solutions.

Dormen Automatic Door Systems offer almost unlimited options in their design and applications. Every day, hundreds of people experience the comfort provided by our systems.

Our designs and solutions suitable for you, we work to achieve the harmony you set and provide the highest security.


90 Degree Opening Hygienic Doors

PORTEO is a small, silent automatic leaf opening mechanism suitable for use in interior doors. PORTEO can significantly reduce the power required to open the door in Power-Assist mode; so the door can be opened easily by hand. In addition, the door can be opened with a button, hand sensor (Magic Switch) or remote control. These features make life more comfortable and hygienic for everyone, every day. PORTEO is easily adaptable to most doors and provides a significant gain in comfort and quality of life for people with special needs that the doors are hindering.

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90 Degree Opening Hygienic Doors

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